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This woman has a fb page that people post inspiring thoughts and pictures.  I just couldn’t believe her before and after pics.  She looks amazing!  You can even see how much confidence she’s gained just by her body language.  This is what i want for myself.  A dramatic change.  Not just maintaining my weight now.  I want to see muscles forming!  And I want more confidence!  

Not using the scale as much…

Friday I weighed myself and was 127.  I was frustrated that I had gained 2 pounds.  I decided to measure my waist with a measuring tape.  I was 26 inches.  A whole 2 inches less than the last time I measured my waist a month ago!  It proved to me how now that I lift weights and stuff the scale could be showing developing muscle weight.  So today when I stepped on the scale and was back down to 125  I was seriously confused.  I think that maybe it could have been bloating.  I’ve been slacking on my 8 cups of water a day so if I had lots of sodium it could bloat me.  Either way it just goes to show that measuring my waist is a better way to track my progress.  Don’t get discouraged if the scale keeps changing often.

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